eTwinning School Label

eTwinning Schools are great examples of how whole schools can benefit from eTwinning. They are active in promoting the eTwinning values and pedagogy, are a point of reference for their local community and represent a model for other schools.


What is the eTwinning School Label?

eTwinning Schools’ recognise the importance and values of eTwinning and embed it in the school’s policies, practice and professional development with the support of school management.

With the eTwinning School Label, eTwinning recognises and appraises the involvement, commitment and dedication not only of individual eTwinners, but of the whole school, where teams of teachers and school leaders work together.

The concept of attaining the status of an eTwinning School is that of a developmental journey with components that can be objectively assessed. It is not a competition, but rather a progression from one level to the next.

The compass of all eTwinning Schools is the eTwinning School Mission.

What are the benefits?

eTwinning Schools:

The awarded schools’ staff and principals are encouraged to participate in dedicated professional development programmes and can be part of an eTwinning Group to share good practices, collaborate and attend specific online events.

How can your school get the eTwinning School Label?

The process for obtaining the eTwinning School Label has two stages.

Stage one

An automatic check that:

If a school fulfils these requirements, all registered eTwinners in the school receive an email invitation to complete a self-assessment application form through eTwinning Live.

Stage two

Applicants must complete a self-assessment application form on behalf of the school.

This self-assessment form revolves around 4 eTwinning Pillars:

How to apply



Before submitting the application, the applicants must provide evidence to meet all the following requirements.

The list of the awarded eTwinning Schools 2021-2022 will be published in late March – early April 2021.

Attention: only for this application round, and due to unforeseen circumstances due to COVID-19, this requisite (presence of eTwinning promotional events) will be optional. Regardless of whether teachers organised events or not, they will all get 1 point for this question. Please inform your colleagues about this.

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