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Teacher Training Institutes

Why an Initial teacher training Initiative?

Since 2012 eTwinning has been running a European initiative involving Teacher Training Institutions (TTI) from several European countries to include eTwinning in their initial teacher training as a complementary strategy to mainstreaming eTwinning by engaging with trainee teachers.

The initiative has a growing number of examples demonstrating that introducing eTwinning into the training of student teachers brings significant value to them and their institutions. From the practical application of 21st century skills to the engagement in international, collaborative projects, the TTI initiative is a perfect example of how eTwinning can help the development of the new generation of teachers.

The contribution of eTwinning in initial teacher training provides:

  • discovery and implementation of project teaching and multidisciplinary work.
  • development of ICT and language skills.
  • European, international, intercultural experience
  • development of professional skills (project management, setting goals, planning, teamwork)
  • reflection on professional practice: exchanges with teachers from other education systems.

How to participate?

Models to introduce eTwinning vary by country and institution but include two main activities:

  1. Inclusion of an ‘Introduction to eTwinning’ in the TTI curriculum to their students.
  2. Creation of small collaborative eTwinning projects among Teacher Trainers and/or Student Teachers (at local, national, international level), or small eTwinning projects with pupils, when Student Teachers are in placements in schools.

The eTwinning National Support Services (NSS) and Partner Support Agencies (PSA) provide TTIs with training and technical support and assistance in linking with TTIs and their students in other countries.

TTIs (both trainers and student teachers) have an eTwinning Group at their disposal to gather information on: how to participate; different models; examples of TTI activities; a showcase of presentations; and a partner finding forum.

How to join

The TTI initiative is restricted to a limited number of Teacher Training Institutions, who must have a formal agreement with their country’s NSS or PSA. If you are a student teacher or a teacher trainer and you would like to know more about this initiative, please contact your NSS or PSA.