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Online Seminars

What is it?

Online Seminars are live communication sessions where you have a chance to learn, talk and discuss with your peers. The topics covered by Online Seminars are related to pedagogy and eTwinning aspects in general. They are led by an expert, and are run in a widely-spoken European language.

Who organises it? 

The eTwinning Central Support Service

Who can participate?

All registered eTwinning teachers, up to a maximum of 200 participants.


The Online Seminars last from 1-2 hours.


These events happen online in the Professional Development section of eTwinning Live.

How can I apply?

If you are interested in taking part in one of the following professional development opportunities, log in to eTwinning Live and check the Professional Development tab.

Watch all our Online Seminars here.

We update the online seminars catalogue regularly. To see the latest update, please click here