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Online Courses

What is it?

The eTwinning Online Courses are long courses aimed at addressing the needs of the eTwinning community in the area of online moderation, teaching and learning, and ambassadors at national and European level. Each year, eTwinning promotes one course. Online Courses are led by a group of experts, and include active work and discussion among teachers. It includes asynchronous and sometimes synchronous activities, and are run in English. You can get a certificate from the participation in this event.

Who organises it? 

Central Support Service

Who can participate?

All registered teachers. Participants may be selected according to theme of the course. Courses can have up to 250 participants.


Courses take 3-4 months.


These events happen online in the eTwinning Moodle.

How can I apply?

Please contact your National Support Service to learn more.

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