Aspects of Religion in Europe

  • Awarded : Age category 11-14(Runner up, 2008)
  • Level : From 12 to 15
  • Key competencies : Cultural awareness and expression / Personal / social and learning

    Subjects : Citizenship / Ethics / Foreign Languages / Informatics / ICT / Philosophy / Logic / Religion

In this eTwinning project pupils from classes in two different countries with the guidance of teachers, mainly the teacher of RE, will produce a class blog and a wiki, through which they will assemble information and they will try to know various religions, examining subjects as temples, holy objects, religious feasts, religious way of life, ideas and values. Examining a common subject and exchanging material, the pupils will know sides of religion of others and will conceive the variety of religious expression. Rarticipating Teachers: Efremidou Evdokia, Gitte Knudsen, Karin Rosenbae, Dan.Sommer-Andersen, Diamantoula Naka, Ella Myhring