Europe Education Ecole - Club de philosophie

  • Awarded : AGE GROUP 13-19 - Pedagogical Innovation(Winner, 2006)
  • Level : From 16 to 19
  • Key competencies : Cultural awareness and expression / Languages

    Subjects : Citizenship / Ethics / Philosophy / Logic / Religion

The project is to develop a network of long distance exchanges (ICT), already half set up, between secondary school pupils, students and francophone teachers, in order to generate ideas together on the role of culture,education,and particularly schools in the Europe of tomorrow. This project is backed by the teachers of philosophy, litterature, languages and history. The Club wishes to consolidate its openess towards the international scene and in particular towards its European partners. A full description of the project is available in English, French, German, Hunagrian, Lithuanian, Polish, Czech and Slovak at: Other linguistic versions will be available once partnerships will have been set with other countries. other countries