MARS, here we come ...

  • Awarded : Marie SkÅ‚odowska Curie Prize (Winner, 2019)
  • Level : From 15 to 18
  • Key competencies : Mathematical / science / technology and engineering

    Subjects : Art / Biology / Foreign Languages / Informatics / ICT / Physics
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Is living on Mars possible? How can you survive for a long period on the red planet?... Using little scientific experiments our pupils will examine how their body changes by the lack of gravity (biology), and how non-gravity involves their weight (physics), ...They will also see some little documentaries about the problems people experience when they are for a long time in space. The main aim of the project is that our pupils develop research skills. We will do the same experiments in the different countries and then we compare our results and make conclusions. We find it very important that our pupils dare to communicate with pupils of another country.