Young scientists

  • Awarded : Marie Curie Prize(Winner, 2016)
  • Level : From 7 to 12
  • Key competencies : Mathematical / science / technology and engineering / Personal / social and learning

    Subjects : Biology / Chemistry / Mathematics / Geometry / Natural Sciences / Physics / Primary School Subjects / Technology
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Students will make an research in the science area - water, air and collect a facts.Examples:What can the water, status of the water, where it comes from rain snow ,the journey of a water drop, distribution of air, the secrets of the invisible ocean, how come the clouds, who makes the storm. Then the students from all participating schools will share online experiments related on the collected science facts. All facts and experiments will be described through PPT at the project web page and twin space. The videos of the project experiments will be used in the further science education in all participating schools. Students shared their impressions during the online meetings with their partners from more then 20 European schools