Why become an eTwinner?



One of the most important elements of eTwinning is collaboration among teachers, students, schools, parents, and local authorities. In eTwinning teachers work together and organise activities for their students. They have an active role, interact, investigate, make decisions, respect each other and learn 21st century skills. eTwinning projects involve the contribution of each member of the team. Take inspiration and explore these awarded projects.


Professional Development

Join our freeLearning events and Online seminars led by experts in dozens of different areas! You can also learn from your peers and discover new teaching materials through eTwinning's featured events, Professional Development Workshops and Thematic and Annual Conferences.


In eTwinning, your work is important and deserves to be shared and recognised locally, nationally and Europe-wide. In this section, discover how eTwinning recognises the work carried out by teachers, students, and schools through National and European Quality Labels, eTwinning Awards, eTwinning Schools and the eTwinning Portfolio.

eTwinning European Prizes

The eTwinning European Prizes are the ultimate honour teachers and students can receive for their outstanding work in eTwinning.