Looking for Beau and Delfi

  • Βραβευμένο : (Νικητής, 2016)
  • Επίπεδο : Από 6 σε 12
  • Βασικές ικανότητες : Κοινωνικές και σχετικές με την ιδιότητα του πολίτη / Πολιτισμική έκφραση / Ψηφιακή
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Beau and Delfi, the adopted animals from GRESCY (http://www.etwinning.net/it/pub/profile.cfm?f=2&l=en&n=103985) have been taken from their countries. Where in the world are they? The kidnappers have left notes behind at both schools. Can you figure out the clues and find Beau and Delfi and bring them back to safety? Follow the clues and get the animals back home. Be warned however that each clue leads to an activity which must be completed for the next clue to be revealed. The project activities will focus on Europe’s culture, beauty, tourist attractions, languages, history, traditions, animals, people and much, much more!

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