e-cultural Kaleidoscope

  • Βραβευμένο : Mevlana Prize for Intercultural Understanding(Νικητής, 2014)
  • Επίπεδο : Από 10 σε 12
  • Βασικές ικανότητες : Ενεργού Πολίτη / Πολιτισμική συνείδηση και έκφραση

    Μαθήματα : Διαθεματικό πρόγραμμα / Μαθήματα Δημοτικού / Μουσική / Ξένες Γλώσσες / Τέχνες

Europe is a mosaic of multiple cultures, not just those that are part of the old continent, but others from other countries that have influenced the culture of them. It is also a fact that the world's cultures influence each other. Culture is a broad concept, however, in our project, we focus it on three main themes: music, art and cuisine of different countries. Europe has a wide and varied range of materials incorporated by tradition, but also enriched with elements "imported" from other continents. The objective of the "e-cultural Kaleidoscope" project is to familiarize students with the richness of European cultures and to improve mutual understanding between students from different ethnic, while improving their communication skills in foreign language and the use of ICT as a means of communication and expression. Collaboration and common cultural encounters will expand the horizons of students and the cross-curricular nature of the project will help develop basic skills.