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LYPS - Let Your Passion Shine

  • Ausgezeichnet : 4-11(Sieger/in, 2014)
  • Niveau : Von 9 bis 11
  • Schlüsselkompetenzen : Digital / Lesen und Schreiben / Sprachen

    Unterrichtsfächer : Astronomie / fächerübergreifend / Grundschulfächer / Informatik / IKT / Kunst / Mathematik / Musik / Naturwissenschaften / Sport

The main aim of this project is to explore pupils’ potential and discover their talents. Helping children to discover what they are good at promotes healthy self-esteem and is essential to their future success. The children need to try many things before they gravitate toward a set of skills that involve their own abilities, therefore we will create opportunities for kids to explore different objects, activities and people. After a short introductory phase we will announce a competition. Our pupils will form international teams with members from all the partners, and work cooperatively with a vested interest in each other’s learning as well as their own. The teams will play games, carry out tasks, share their discoveries and champion each other, celebrate each other’s successes, and learn to work together regardless of ethnic backgrounds. The Web 2.0 will be at the heart of our communication and co-operation.