ICT World 2017

  • Ausgezeichnet : Age Category: 12-15(Sieger/in, 2018)
  • Niveau : Von 11 bis 15
  • Schlüsselkompetenzen : Digital / Mathematik / Naturwissenschaften / Informatik und Technik / Sprachen

    Unterrichtsfächer : Fremdsprachen / fächerübergreifend / Gestaltung und Technik / Informatik / IKT / Kunst / Mathematik / Medienerziehung / Naturwissenschaften / Physik
TwinSpace entdecken

We like to image real life with software tools like GeoGebra, to code and transform situations by using SCRATCH. By this we hope to improve "computational thinking (CT)" and much more ICT competencies as well as social, communication and language competencies. Materials will be drafted student-centred and will imply communication with students from other countries, too. Tasks should be also drafted by already experienced students. These materials will be tried out by others project partners. We also use material for self-guided learning. Teacher will be a moderator not an instructor. We will choose a cooperative, international development of games and send Scratch cards to our partners. In GeoGebra we will offer a competition and work on animations that use a sort of coding in GeoGebra, with tasks related to art and real life in motion.