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Does the earth have borders? Migration and Human-Rights

  • Ausgezeichnet : (Sieger/in)
  • Niveau : Von 17 bis 18
  • Schlüsselkompetenzen : Bürgertum / Digital / Kulturbewusstsein und Ausdruck / Lesen und Schreiben / Persönlich / sozial und Lernen

    Unterrichtsfächer : Ethik / Europäische Studien / fächerübergreifend / Geographie / Geschichte / Philosophie / Politik / Recht / Religion / Sozialwissenschaften / Staatsbürgerkunde
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Current issues concerning migration must be studied, understood, analyzed by our students in order for them to become active citizens. We need to create a geo-political and economic map of the Mediterranean area where the migrants are escaping from; we are going to study the History of the Middle-East to better understand why people want to leave their own home; we are going to try to understand what home means. So we are going to talk with the migrants: what are they looking for by coming in the EU? If they are looking for Universal Rights, what does Europe have to do and what should it avoid? We are going to discuss ethical problems: What does it mean to be a human being? Does everybody have rights, or do only lucky people deserve them? We are going to use philosophy to help us to form a better view of the opportunities and risks of migration, and maybe to find out some solutions.