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Employability- “A challenge for youth- Dreams and Reality”

  • Ausgezeichnet : (Sieger/in, 2017)
  • Niveau : Von 14 bis 18
  • Schlüsselkompetenzen : Bürgertum / Persönlich / sozial und Lernen / Unternehmertum

    Unterrichtsfächer : Europäische Studien / Fremdsprachen / fächerübergreifend / Geographie / Medienerziehung / Psychologie / Sozialwissenschaften / Staatsbürgerkunde / Wirtschaft
TwinSpace entdecken

This project is going to be our working space to support our Erasmus + partnership. All through the 2 years of the project, the students will meet and collaborate online to prepare the meetings in one of our countries. We aim at leading a reflection on the future of the young European generation as far as the world of work is concerned and to help the students both find their ways and make up their minds as well as find solutions to have a brighter future. The objective of the 2 years of project is to submit our proposal for a better future to the European Parliament.