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young scientist in the laboratory

Registered on 03.11.2009 - Closed on 25.12.2011

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Project details

Collection of photos and/or videos for a webpage and/or Power Point Presentation with short captions in L1 and English showing experiments in physics and/or science to help pupils to improve their interest in and knowledge of science subjects

  • Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Drama, Environmental Education, Natural Sciences, Physics, Technology
  • Languages: EN - IT
  • Pupil's age: 6 - 14
  • Tools to be used: Forum, Other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Web publishing
  • Aims:
    *Removing borders and creates a virtual classroom with European students working together and developing a real project. **The presentations of schools,... read more
  • Work process:
    1-presentation of town / region / country 2-presentation of school / class(es) 3-Students will format working groups in each class of... read more
  • Expected results:
    *This project will contribute students to understand different cultures and be aware of them along with providing benefits to students... read more
Project partners - 9 partner(s)

Ana Puscas

School Icon  Şcoala Gimnazială "George Coşbuc" (Baia Mare, Romania)

Subjects: Astronomy, Cross Curricular, Environmental Education, Informatics / ICT, Media Education, Natural Sciences, Physics

Languages: EN - RO



School Icon Gimnazjum nr 19 im. Józefa Czechowicza (Lublin, Poland)

Subjects: Biology, Music, Physics

Languages: ES - EN


Boris Fournier

School Icon Collège Le Rochat (LES ROUSSES, France)

Subjects: Foreign Languages

Languages: EN - FR


Dario Dragun

School Icon Osnovna škola "Antun Gustav Matoš" (Vinkovci, Croatia)

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Education, Natural Sciences

Languages: EN


Ivana Dvorakova

School Icon Základní škola Hradecká 234, příspěvková organizace, Telč (Telč, Czech Republic)

Subjects: Chemistry, Foreign Languages, Mathematics / Geometry, Natural Sciences, Physics

Languages: CZ - EN


Lone Gleesborg

School Icon Søndervangskolen (Viby J, Denmark)

Subjects: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Foreign Languages, Geography, History, Mathematics / Geometry, Natural Sciences, Primary School Subjects, Special Needs Education, Technology

Languages: DA - EN


Nadia De Risio

School Icon Scuola Media "L. da Vinci" (Scerni (CH), Italy)

Subjects: Cross Curricular, Design and Technology, Environmental Education, Foreign Languages, History, History of Culture, Language and Literature

Languages: EN



School Icon Evliya Çelebi Ortaokulu (Diyarbakır, Turkey)

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Drama, Natural Sciences, Physics, Primary School Subjects, Technology

Languages: EN


Silvo Muršec

School Icon Osnovna šola Slave Klavore Maribor / Slava Klavora Maribor primary & lower secondary school (Maribor, Slovenia)

Subjects: Astronomy, Biology, Foreign Languages, Geography, Informatics / ICT, Media Education, Natural Sciences, Physics, Primary School Subjects, Technology

Languages: DE - EN - SL

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