• Oceněno : (Vítěz, 2017)
  • Úroveň : Od 6 pro 11
  • Klíčové kompetence : Cizí jazyky / Kulturní vyjádření / Sociální a občanské
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This project is about every kind of games, traditional or not, of the partner countries. Our aim is to create a completely safe place where students can spend their time in quality and have fun in the playroom we have created for them by collaborating with each other. Through the activities, students will find out a bit of their partner countries' culture and also many common elements that exist. Students are about to discover the rules of traditional games they have never played before by collaborating with their partners. They are also going to play games with them which are common between the partner countries and involve in online games. This playroom is the bridge between two different cultures and beginning of a friendship bond among students.