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Photography as a pedagogical tool

  • Oceněno : 16-19(Vítěz, 2014)
  • Úroveň : Od 14 pro 16
  • Klíčové kompetence : Digitální / Gramotnost / Kulturní povědomí a vyjádřování / Podnikání

    Předměty : Biologie / Cizí jazyky / Dějepis / Ekologická výchova / Etika / Evropská studia / Fyzika / Geologie / Informatika/ICT / Matematika / Mezipředmětové vztahy / Přírodní vědy / Tělesná výchova / Umění / Zeměpis

This is a two-year Comenius/eTwinning project takes an action-oriented approach to learning. Students will be required to take their cameras and go out and observe the world around them in order to look for links between the learning contents addressed in their classes and the surrouding reality. The camera and the photograph will become a support of the learning process. Students will put concepts and ideas into photos and create slideshows that will be exchanged through the projects’ eTwinning platform in order to be put into words by other partners. A magazine, a handbook and a website presenting pedagogical suggestions with practical examples and samples of results will be published. In addition,a sports tournament ( Basketball,korfball,shotball,handball,football) among the partners,divided into teams formed randomly by students of the participating countries will take place during the students'mobilities.The sports rules may vary according to the decision of the partners . A No win-lose gaming will be promoted through this activity.