A.B.C.: Active Book Club

  • Oceněno : (Vítěz, 2017)
  • Úroveň : Od 15 pro 19
  • Klíčové kompetence : Digitální / Gramotnost / Kulturní povědomí a vyjádřování

    Předměty : Cizí jazyky / Dějepis / Etika / Evropská studia / Filozofie / Historie kultury / Informatika/ICT / Jazyk a literatura / Matematika / Mediální výchova / Mezipředmětové vztahy / Náboženství / Občanská výchova / Politologie / Psychologie / Společenské vědy / Technologie / Umění / Zeměpis
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At this project we are going to organize an online European School Book Club and vote for a book in English, which all the participants will work on. We expect to read the book, have discussions on its content and gather questions and answers that will drive us to create handmade board-card games and exchange them between participant schools. It follows an online contest - game on the themes that the book presents. We'll arrange creative writing based on some topics of the book and create an e-book. Also, we are going to compare the book with the movie that was inspired from it. Finally, we'll create talking posters relative to our activities. The upper purpose is to like the book and finally realize the magic of what we read, what we understood and what we felt. An online School Book Club is an excellent way of cooperation, of encouraging pupils to read widely and frequently, and of improving critical, reading and spoken language skills. It promotes culture and interaction.