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Materie: Educazione alla Cittadinanza,Informatica / TIC,Lingue Straniere,Materie per la scuola primaria,Teatro

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I am interested in the project Scotty MacTed.

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Progetti eTwinning - 5 progetti

"Scotty MacTed" project (Chiuso il 05.09.2013)

Project Picture The projects consists of posting a travelling buddy " Scotty MacTed" (a teddy bear) to the participating schools. There it will be introduced to the pupils and the teachers are asked to involve him into their teaching. The classes will respond on mat...

Famous fables... (Chiuso il 12.10.2012)

Project Picture My project is focused on preparing adaptations of famous fables form different european countries and performing them by pupils from primary school. I would like to invite some partners from various countries to join my project and to prepare with th...

I dare you (Chiuso il 30.10.2013)

Project Picture Every period (three weeks to a month) one country asks (about 7) other countries a question (a challenge) The question has to be asked with examples about your own country. All the other countries will give an answer in a powerpoint, song or movie

Me and my mom (Chiuso il 24.02.2015)

Project Picture Motto: “Some time ago I used to draw like an adult. But it took me my whole life to be able to draw like a child….”(Pablo Picasso) We all know that ‘Mother’ is the most important person in the world for every child. But what happens in children’s he...

World around us (Chiuso il )

Project Picture Children work on the following topics: October: Me and my school: Powerpoint presentation ( introducing ourselves, photos and descriptions of different aspects of school: timetable, classrooms, canteen, etc) November: My town: Powerpoint presenta...