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Thumb Daniela Laoreti

Subjects: Art,Geography,History,Language and Literature

Languages: - IT -

sono bellissima

Thumb Fabrizia Cornice

Subjects: Primary School Subjects

Languages: - EN - IT -

Sono un docente di scuola primaria

Thumb Laura Massoli

Subjects: Art,Citizenship,Drama,Geography,History,Informatics / ICT,Primary School Subjects,Psychology,Religion,Social Studies / Sociology,Special Needs Education

Languages: - IT -

Insegno da 30 anni e sono nata con i moduli che mi mancano molto. Ho lavorato con la didattica per concetti e sto cercando di attuare didattica inclusiva e apprendimento cooperativo. Credo nella didattica della ricerca e mi sforzo perché ci sia un clima favorevole e facilitativo; cerco di personalizzare gli interventi e di valutare le competenze attraverso compiti di realtà.

Thumb Lorena Sabatini

Subjects: Art,Classical Languages (Latin & Greek),Foreign Languages,Language and Literature,Mathematics / Geometry,Natural Sciences

Languages: - EN -

Bella donna

Thumb Paola Filena

Subjects: Environmental Education,Foreign Languages,Music

Languages: - EN - FR - IT -

I'm keen to establish international links to help my students see a real purpose for their using their language skills. Initially, I would be interested in a project through wich students can make friends and correspond with each other. In the long term, I would really like to organise a visit to a partner's country and I would also be willing to host a visit to our school.

Thumb Simona Costantini

Subjects: Foreign Languages,Primary School Subjects,Psychology

Languages: - EN - IT -


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eTwinning Projects - 2 projects

DEAR FRIEND (Closed on 02.12.2013)

Project Picture After introducing themselves, our pupils will introduce their classroom, school via pictures and prepare a cooperative work. Basic English will take place in order to discover another European country!

Let Posters connect European schools (Closed on 08.11.2013)

Project Picture After introducing themselves, students will prepare posters about their classroom, school and their school system.