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Thumb Conny Huyghe

Materias: Lenguas extranjeras ,Multidisciplinar

Idiomas: - EN -

I teach English at a technical school.

Thumb Filip Robyn

Materias: Lenguas extranjeras

Idiomas: - EN -

Dit wordt later aangevuld

Thumb Hoornaert Lut

Materias: Diseño y Tecnología ,Educación medioambiental ,Informática TIC ,Matemáticas/Geometría ,Multidisciplinar ,Tecnología

Idiomas: - EN -

We are a Belgian (Flemish) technical and vocational secondary school. Our school has about 450 pupils, almost all boys, ranging from 12 – 19 years. It is situated in the town of Veurne, about 6 kilometres from the North Sea coast. We are near to finishing our fourth Comenius project with a Norvegian and Italian partner school. All four projects resulted in some final products which were intended for use in primary and / or secondary schools and this proved to be a successful concept. At the same time, in each project we linked up with an institution (nature conservation centre) or company (LEGO education / Promethean ActivBoard), which meant added value to these projects. Now that we are approaching the end of the last project, we would like to explore the possibility of starting a new project that has something to do with “STEAM” (sciences - technology - engineering - art - math). We are looking for schools who can stand for one of the letters. We have allready a couple of ideas that are open to discussion. For this 3-year project we were looking for school partners in Scandinavia and a southern European country, hopefully to have a project running in the school years 2016-2017,2017-2018 and 2018-2019. We have found possible partners in Sweden and Italy. We have a preliminary meeting in January 2016 in order to discuss the project. The students running the project on our side will be 5th formers (17 year olds) who will stay with the project for two years and will integrate the project work in their final year paper when they are in the 6th and final form. They will be doing the communication with other involved classes within the school and with the international partners.

Thumb Mia Vermeire

Materias: Ciudadanía ,Lengua y literatura ,Lenguas extranjeras

Idiomas: - DE - EN - FR - NL -

Working together on European level

Thumb Peter Boeyaert

Materias: Tecnología

Idiomas: - EN - FR - NL -

I have been a technical teacher for eight years (mostly welding techniques) and since 5 years I work as technical advisor for our school's mechanics and electrical department.

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Proyectos eTwinning - 13 proyectos

A connection between mathematics and environment. (Cerrado el 06.09.2009)

Project Picture We want students to work with mathematics in a pleasant and interesting way. We can do that by using mathematics in a realistic situation. It's our goal to get the students to learn about each other, their countries and their schools. Next we want...

Active@living green (Iniciado el 05.09.2013)

Project Picture If we want to save our planet we have to learn how to live in a greener way. And perhaps we can do this by building passive houses. But a Norwegian passive house is not a Belgian passive house and not a Latvian passive house and not even an Italian...

Ambassadeur (Cerrado el 19.03.2013)

Project Picture De Nederlandse en Vlaamse ambassadeurs kunnen info uitwisselen.

au-delà des frontières (Cerrado el 16.10.2009)

Project Picture Des élèves des deux côtés de la frontière s'écrivent des lettres et présentent leurs écoles. Puis, ils partent à la recherche des particularités. Un peu de culture, de solidarité entre deux pays.

Caring for the environment (Cerrado el 04.09.2012)

Project Picture We compare information about plants and trees, fish and fishery techniques, beach pollution and water quality of a pool. With the data collected we plan to create material that can be used in teaching. One product is a card game, the other a CD-rom...

Education through LEGO Mindstorms (Cerrado el 06.09.2010)

Project Picture We would like to start a project about “LEGO Games”, more in particular the programmable version “LEGO Mindstorms”. We would like to test in how far this material can be used in technological activity classes at that age(13-14 years) and if possible ...

eTwinning contact seminar Aachen 2012 (Cerrado el 31.10.2013)

Project Picture This project is for all participants and members of the National Support Services (NSS).

From Leonardo Da Vinci to the Olympics 2012 (Cerrado el 05.09.2013)

Project Picture This project starts up the communication between teachers and students. It aims at learning to know each other and each other's schools, country and language. It should prepare all participants to get involved in a Comenius project.

Heart of Europe (Cerrado el 18.03.2013)

Project Picture What makes Europe tick?

In Flanders Fields memorial garden (Cerrado el )

Project Picture Deelnemers van het IFFMG project kunnen hier ervaringen en tips uitwisselen en elkaar vragen stellen.

Me, myself and I (Cerrado el )

Project Picture 1. Presenting themselves (digital poster) 2. Presenting the school (movie) 3. Presenting the region (presentation including movie)

MeetTeachersOnline (Cerrado el )

Project Picture Participants of the Contactseminar in Maastricht (9/10 Oct) can meet each other here.

Oefenen met de Twinspace (Iniciado el 30.01.2015)

Project Picture Deze Twinspace wordt gebruikt door Vlaamse eTwinning-ambassadeurs tijdens nascholingen. De accounts zijn tijdelijk.