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Thumb Conny Huyghe

Materias: Lenguas extranjeras ,Multidisciplinar

Idiomas: - EN -

I teach English at a technical school.

Thumb Filip Robyn

Materias: Lenguas extranjeras

Idiomas: - EN -

Dit wordt later aangevuld

Thumb Heidi Robesyn

Materias: Diseño y Tecnología ,Matemáticas/Geometría

Idiomas: - EN - NL -

Heidi Robesyn

Thumb Hoornaert Lut

Materias: Diseño y Tecnología ,Educación medioambiental ,Informática TIC ,Matemáticas/Geometría ,Multidisciplinar ,Tecnología

Idiomas: - EN -

We are a Belgian (Flemish) technical and vocational secondary school. Our school has about 450 pupils, almost all boys, ranging from 12 – 19 years. It is situated in the town of Veurne, about 6 kilometres from the North Sea coast. We are near to finishing our third Comenius project with a Finnish, Czech and Italian partner school. All three previous projects resulted in some final products which were intended for use in primary and / or secondary schools and this proved to be a successful concept. At the same time, in each project we linked up with an institution (nature conservation centre) or company (LEGO education / Promethean ActivBoard), which meant added value to these projects. Now that we are approaching the end of this project, we would like to explore the possibility of starting a new project that has something to do with “green building” of homes. We suppose this project could for example focus on the use of different building materials (brick, wood, glass), the use of insulation, the influence of positioning towards the sun, the use of forms of renewable energy, ... and probably plenty more. We could calculate and compare the ecological footprint of classrooms in different countries. These are of course just a couple of ideas that are open to discussion. For this 2-year project we were looking for school partners in Scandinavia and a southern European country, hopefully to have a project running in the school years 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. We have found partners in Norway, Italy, Slovenia and Letvia. We have a preliminary meeting in January 2013 in order to discuss the project. The students running the project on our side will be 5th formers (17 year olds) who will stay with the project for two years and will integrate the project work in their final year paper when they are in the 6th and final form. They will be doing the communication with other involved classes within the school and with the international partners.

Thumb Katrien Stratsaert

Materias: Arte ,Diseño y Tecnología ,Informática TIC ,Tecnología

Idiomas: - DE - EN - FR - NL -

Duurzaam bouwen

Thumb Koen Van Belle

Materias: Tecnología

Idiomas: - EN - NL -

leerkracht hout

Thumb Marc Derudder

Materias: Multidisciplinar

Idiomas: - EN -

Our board of parents are trying to go international, and there is an European project type called 'Grundtvig' that would make this possible. We will start with a preparatory visit in 2012. Topics the delegations (1 parent and 1 teacher of every school) could discuss: How is parent involvement organized in the different countries? How are parents involved in topics like: school rules, preventing truancy, drugs policy, sports at school, school bills, ...? Is there special attention for one parent families, newly formed families, non-native families? How do schools deal with dyslectic students, adhd, dyscalculia, autism, ...?

Thumb Mia Vermeire

Materias: Ciudadanía ,Lengua y literatura ,Lenguas extranjeras

Idiomas: - DE - EN - FR - NL -

Working together on European level

Thumb Tine Hoorelbeke

Materias: Lengua y literatura ,Lenguas extranjeras

Idiomas: - FR -

Als leerkracht vind ik het interessant om in contact te komen met andere scholen en culturen.

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