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Katja Auffret

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Katja Auffret

I founded a language club in a secondary school (11 to 15) in the south-west of France. The students would like to know more about the life of students of their age in other countries. We would like to exchange using English and progress through a common subject. Subjects we are interested in are for example culture, arts, food and every day life.

Available for an eTwinning project?No

School Icon Collège Aristide Bruant
ALBI, France
Role: Teacher
Twinning preferences
  • Deutsch, English, français
  • Art, Foreign Languages, Media Education
Age group:
  • 11 - 15
Project ideas
avec les élèves de 6eme à la 3eme je souhaite utiliser l'anglais pour communiquer avec d'autres élèves européens. Nous créerons notamment des BD pour communiquer