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What do you like to have for lunch?

Registered on 28.09.2009 - Closed on 23.10.2010

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We can compare food which we like and don't like, share recipes and talk about food we have for special occasions. We can try each other's recipes and let each other know if we like them!

  • Subjects: European Studies, Foreign Languages, Health Studies, Home economics
  • Languages: EN
  • Pupil's age: 7 - 12
  • Tools to be used: e-mail, Web publishing
  • Aims: We aim to know each other's lives a little better and understand each other through this.
  • Work process: Create pages in 'Word' or 'Powerpoint' or use short videos to show how we make food and what we enjoy.
  • Expected results: A wide range of culinary delights.
Project partners - 6 partner(s)
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School Icon "Liviu Rebreanu" School, Mioveni Town, Arges County, Romania (judetul Arges, Romania)

Subjects: Art, Citizenship, Cross Curricular, Drama, Environmental Education, Ethics, European Studies, Foreign Languages, Geography, Health Studies, History, Informatics / ICT, Language and Literature, Media Education, Music, Natural Sciences, Primary School Subjects, Religion, Special Needs Education

Languages: EN



School Icon Coombe Road Primary School (Brighton, United Kingdom)

Subjects: Foreign Languages, Informatics / ICT, Primary School Subjects

Languages: EN - FR


Benito Moreno Peña

School Icon IES Américo Castro (Huétor Tájar, Spain)

Subjects: Informatics / ICT, Mathematics / Geometry

Languages: ES - EN


Hülya Güvenç

School Icon Özel İsmail Kaymak Ortaokulu (Çanakkale, Turkey)

Subjects: Art, Biology, Citizenship, Drama, Environmental Education, European Studies, History of Culture, Natural Sciences, Pre-school Subjects, Primary School Subjects, Technology

Languages: DE - EN - TR


Jakub Czyż

School Icon Zespół Szkół Miejskich nr 1 w Grajewie (Grajewo, Poland)

Subjects: Art, Environmental Education, Foreign Languages, Informatics / ICT, Natural Sciences, Physical Education, Primary School Subjects, Technology

Languages: EN - PL


Jim Lewis

School Icon Hartshead Junior and Infant school (Liversedge, United Kingdom)

Subjects: Citizenship, Environmental Education, Foreign Languages, Informatics / ICT, Language and Literature, Physical Education

Languages: FR