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Thumb Anne-Lise Solheim

Subjects: Foreign Languages

Languages: - FR -

Fortsette et prosjektsamarbeid med en klasse i Section Européenne ved vår partnerskole Lycée Simone Veil i Valbonne

Thumb Barbara Anna Zielonka

Subjects: Citizenship,Cross Curricular,Drama,European Studies,Foreign Languages,Health Studies,History of Culture,Informatics / ICT,Language and Literature,Media Education,Psychology,Social Studies / Sociology

Languages: - EN - NO -

Dear Sir\Madam, I am Barbara Anna Zielonka and I am an English teacher at Nannestad High School, Norway. I am writing on behalf of all English teachers working in Nannestad High School ( www.nannestad.vgs.no).We are a middle sized school situated in the northwestern Akershus county, Norway and only 10minutes from the international airport Gardermoen. Nannestad High School is a young school consisting of around 700students and 100 teachers. It offers different educational programmes like general study, healthcare and social services, media and communication, preparational programme, restaurant and catering, service and logistics, sports education and training. Not only does the school use traditional ways of teaching but it also puts emphasis on new, modern approaches and methods that use available and emerging technology. This year we are extremely interested in the use of eTwinning technology for teaching English. We have started to use Skype in order to communicate with teachers and teenagers from English speaking countries during our English classes, but we would like to get more partner schools\ institutions in this communication experiment/project. We see that there is a great need in establishing contacts with young people who have similar interests and skills. We have already found that such lessons are very effective and all the students find the technology interesting and appropriate to their interests. If you are interested in this cooperative project please feel free to contact us. Together we can make better schools for our students using technology they are interested in and technology that can be effective in teaching. Yours sincerely, Barbara Anna Zielonka Barbara.Zielonka@nannestad.vgs.no www.nannestad.vgs.no

Thumb Cathrine Baumann

Subjects: Foreign Languages

Languages: - ES - FR -

Je voudrais bien trouver une classe au niveau de lycee pour des projets de francais/anglais. J'ai une classe de 20 eleves. Me gustaria encontrar una clase al nivel de instituto/colegio para los proyectos de español/ingles. Tengo dos clases de 13 alumnos.

Thumb Ingun Raastad

Subjects: European Studies,Geography,History,History of Culture,Politics,Social Studies / Sociology

Languages: - EN -

My professional background is that I have worked in the fields of Teaching outdoor education and currently I teach social sciences. I have also had a career within Public administration. My private interests are outdoor recreation and i do volunteer work with international youth exchanges in AFS and Rotary.

Thumb Mona Dybdahl

Subjects: Foreign Languages,History,Language and Literature

Languages: - DE - EN -

Jeg ønsker å finne en samarbeidsskole på Island for et prosjekt innen historie, språk og litteratur (styrking av kulturutveksling i Norden).

Thumb Wilhelm Schoonhoven

Subjects: Foreign Languages,History of Culture,Language and Literature

Languages: - EN - ES - FR -

Dette skoleåret har vi et prosjektsamarbeid med en videregående skole i Spania: IES Olorda i Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona).Målet for prosjektet er å øke elevenes multikulturelle og kommunikative kompetanse (i engelsk og spansk). This school year we will be collaborating on a project with an upper secondary school in Spain: IES Olorda in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona). The goal of this joint project is to develop the students´ multicultural and communicative skills (in English and Spanish).

Thumb Yelitze Yánez

Subjects: Foreign Languages

Languages: - EN - ES -

¡Hola! Soy profesora de español en Nannestad videregående skole. Estoy interesada en trabajar con otras escuelas para fomentar el aprendizaje de mis estudiantes, utilizando los idiomas inglés y español. Espero que realicemos un trabajo enriquecedor.

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eTwinning Projects - 14 projects

3 I's - Interaction, Interdependence and Interculturalism (Closed on 18.09.2011)

Project Picture It would be an extension of a Pestalozzi Project we started in 2001 in Estonia. We would like to find partners for an advanced group students around 17 and 18 years old and a pre intermediate group from 16- 17. The details of the project will be dis...

A Culinary Journey Through the Eyes of the European Students (Closed on 09.08.2013)

Project Picture Food is looked upon as a culturally characterized part of human everyday-life and part of regional culture. Students of different ages research, develop and distribute an intercultural cookbook, containing and illustrating traditional dishes and hol...

Advocating a Critical Media Literacy (Closed on 18.08.2012)

Project Picture Youngsters today are bombarded by media. The media play an important role in popular culture. Not all the films teenagers watch are appropriate and neither do all films show good examples. This project will advocate for a “Critical Media Literacy” b...

Attitudes to health issues among teenagers in European countries (Closed on 09.08.2013)

Project Picture The aim of the project is to develop an awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle. The basis of this aim is that concentration on health issues could be a medium for young people to interact across cultural, social and gender barriers. Studen...

Bridging French and Norwegian cultures (Closed on 16.09.2014)

Project Picture Our project consists in promoting better understanding and knowledge between our two groups of students from Valbonne, France and Nannestad, Norway. Our exchanges will be mostly based on a cultural and lingusitic approach.

Bridging French and Norwegian cultures (Started on 27.10.2012)

Project Picture Our project consists in promoting better understanding and knowledge between our two groups of students from Valbonne, France and Nannestad, Norway. Our exchanges will be mostly based on a cultural and lingusitic approach.

Bringing Norwegian-Spanish Cultures to Life (Started on 20.10.2011)

Project Picture Begge videregående skoler arbeider i felleskap for å bli kjent med den andre kulturen gjennom å ta opp ulike temaer som fester, tradisjoner, idrett, skolesystemet, miljøet, litteraturen og multikulturalism. Samarbeidet vil munne ut i gjensidige besøk...

CLIL in motion in Technical and Vocational School in the EU (Closed on 31.07.2014)

Project Picture YEAR 1 1) Introduction. 2) Sharing. 3) Planning & Elaborating. YEAR 2 1) Introduction. 2) Implementation 3) Assessment

Enhancing the well-being and health of young people living in Europe. (Closed on 18.08.2012)

Project Picture The project aims to promote healthy lifestyle routines among students in different European countries and make them aware of health issues around Europe. Students will learn new vocabulary connected with the topic. They will discuss and compare thei...

Graphic Novels in the Classroom (Closed on 25.07.2013)

Project Picture Secondary school students work together and create one common or several graphic novels examining ethnicity, gender, multiculturalism, globalism in English. At the end of the project both teachers and students organize an exhibition during which the...

let's celebrate The Day of Languages (Closed on 06.01.2014)

Project Picture The idea is to give an opportunity to pupils to exchange ,to realise that if they did not speak a foreign language they would miss the opportunity to meet lots of people !They will have to play with words , to use them to write and to speak if possib...

Tarjeta postal (Closed on 21.08.2014)

Project Picture Mi lugar - onde vivo, estudio y tengo mis amigos.

The Flipped Classroom (Closed on 10.09.2014)

Project Picture This project aims at helping teachers implement the "flipped classroom" approach which basically consists of recording a lesson in video format so students can watch it at home and thus allowing more time in class to do homework, tutorials or lab exp...

What's up in Europe? (Started on 15.07.2013)

Project Picture See the progress of our project on https://etwinning.dogbane.be, username: visitor, password: Etwinner_Visitor. When you connect, please send a private message to murielg to introduce yourself. We like knowing who visits us. Very easy to do: in the ...