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eTwinning Projects - 5 projects

"Geometry, sport and tradition" (Closed on 07.05.2013)

Project Picture The project consists in creating geometric shapes and signs for representing traditional sport and games.

Art inspired by mathematics (Closed on 04.09.2010)

Project Picture The goal of this project is to stady connections between mathematics and art and architecture.We would like to show how mathematics is not just about formulas and logic, but about patterns, symmetry, structure, shape and beauty. We will study topics ...

Extraordinary (Closed on 21.04.2011)

Project Picture When Gardner placed mınd of frames in the pictures of mınd,learners believed intelligence was single and fixed ,were ready for journeys into this among dimensions with their unique potentials and secret capacities. Our story was written during the...

MY WEB PAGE (Closed on 03.09.2010)

Project Picture Creating web page will open a new world for different people of countries.Students will create their web pages thanks to Microsoft Word and Mıcrosoft Publisher.They will add personal information,for example their school life,daily life routines,thei...

PARTNER FINDING FAIR - October 2012 (Closed on 28.03.2013)

Project Picture This is a special event during eTwinning for teachers of pupils aged 11 - 19 to find partners during eTwinning Weeks.